My name is Anthony Szpak, and no one has ever pronounced my last name correctly (if you’re curious it’s like the Vulcan with the awesome ears or the doctor who thinks he knows about babies.) I live in Los Angeles with my wife and our dog, Sunny. Both have saved my life more times than I care to admit. I’ve performed standup on Comedy Central and had a development deal with Paramount, which came and went. I’ve sold pilot scripts to 20th Century Fox, FX, and Castlerock. I’ve had movie scripts almost get made, and I’ve cried openly on the street. I moved into a retirement community when I was twenty-three. I cooked an amazing steak once. I’ve been to three continents, and I sang “Baby Got Back” at a karaoke club/Mexican restaurant.

24 thoughts on “ABOUT ANTHONY

Best of luck on your blog!

    • Grazie for the kindness. I’ve been checking out your poems and posts, and I’m impressed. Thank you for hopping on this weird little ride. I will try to entertain.

  • I was recommended to visit your blog by Mancakes () and I can’t wait to read your posts. What your mum did was brave, and it’s such a shame that people stay in marriages they aren’t happy in because they’re scared, because they might be shunned by their friends and family or because society says that they are in the wrong x

    • Ooh I love me some mancakes. And yes, my mom was brave and strong enough to take the leap. I’m grateful she did. I’m so proud of her. It does make me sad to think of how many people stay hidden, but there is progress. I just hope it spreads. And I hope you enjoy poking around my blog. Cheers!

  • So HOW exactly is that last name pronounced? SHPAK? CHPAK? SPAK? o_O

    And where are your youtube video links? You should probably put them here. Sometimes I can be so demanding I hate myself.

    • My family pronounces it Spock, but some lovely Poles I’ve met put a little more “shh” on it. And I know I need to put up the links. My wife started this blog for me a few months ago and I’m still trying to figure out how this all works.

      • Ooh, so with and -shh indeed then. (I think it sounds more…right. Yeah, because I know better than your family.)

        When you do figure it out, tell us in a post. :D Or if you have better ways of announcing which would still be great, but that post is easier.

  • Every time I sing “Baby Got Back” at karaoke, I regret it like four minutes in and I have renewed respect for Sir-Mix-a-Lot and I promise myself to drink less next time.

  • Well, that’s good! Whew! I think that variety is the spice of life, and if you eat things which later as they digest produce things that burn one’s eyes, I am glad that your wife errs on the side of caution.

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