Black Hole

Reblogged from My Gay Mom:

When I was six years old my mom decorated my bedroom with wallpaper from the movie The Black Hole.  I’m guessing they ran out of nuclear mushroom clouds or fields of dead puppies.

.  Every morning I woke, put on my little underwear, my little pants and little shirt and stared into this giant black hole, obliterating everything.

My mom is always reminding me nothing is permanent. 

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Hello, lovely people. For everyone who saw The Ricki Lake Show today, thank you for stopping by. Here is the post that started the blog.

6 thoughts on “Black Hole

    • Again, I thank you! And you’ve also made me realize that I would love to rule something. Not large. Possibly a backyard. Maybe even just a patio. For the next few minutes I’m going to imagine how I would treat my subjects. I think I’d be kind, but I’m not sure yet.

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